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Pennard Primary School


What is RSE?

•We need to help all of our young people to excel in all aspects of life, so that they grow into adults who are happy, confident individuals. Education should encourage and support young people to respect themselves and others, to value diversity, and give them the ability to build healthy, respectful relationships.

•The new curriculum starting in September 2022 will include developmentally appropriate Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE).

•RSE is designed to safeguard all our children and young people, supporting them to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours that will assist in protecting them throughout their lives.

•This is critical to building a society which treats others with understanding and empathy, whatever their ethnicity, social or economic background, disability, gender or sexuality.

You can find out more here from the parent workshop presentation. 

Parent Workshop RSE Presentation

Information Leaflet for Parents