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Pennard Primary School

Cross Curricular Responsibilities

Literacy, numeracy and digital competence are mandatory skills across all areas of learning and experience and will need to be considered within all curriculum design. For year group progression for literacy, numeracy and DCF – please see the individual subject pages for those areas under ‘New Curriculum’. Please note – digital year group progression skills fall under ‘Science and Technology’.

It will be the responsibility of all teachers, across all curriculum areas, to develop and ensure progression in these skills. How literacy, numeracy and digital competence skills are developed in and across the curriculum will be decided at a local level and will fit with individual schools’ approaches.

To ensure that learners develop high levels of competence in these skills and have frequent opportunities to develop, extend and apply them across all areas, the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework and the Digital Competence Framework have been refined and continue to be available as supporting guidance.

You will notice structural changes to the frameworks with the skills now in progression steps in line with the Curriculum for Wales guidance. The content has also been updated to ensure consistency of approach with the new curriculum.